In doing the research and looking at the videos for this paper it seems that digital learning tech. is not only about the technology but also about a change in what students are asked to learn. There seems to be less emphasis on teaching students facts and more emphasis on teaching them how to find the answers to problems and to know the right questions to ask. This shift has been made because the internet has made finding facts so easy. It makes me uneasy to think that we are becoming so dependent on the Web ,to store all of human knowledge in one technology . Even now if Google went down for a week there would be many unhappy students out there. If we keep moving down this road we will only become more and more depended on the internet to find the answers to our problems. Will it always be there and will it always be free to use ?.

2 Responses to “reflections”
  1. Personally, I like looking for information myself (unless it takes forever) – it lets me go off on tangents without following a strict structure. However, just imagine if we suddenly became a powerless society. I think there still needs to be print versions of the information stored online – just in case. Unfortunately there is a cost of using the Internet – our private information given up when we use online services.

  2. gazrob says:

    I agree, it is scary putting all our ‘eggs in one basket’, I sat down to study last week but had no internet connection, I couldn’t achieve anything, my learning is at least 95% reliant on being connected. I was really lost which does make you stop and think.

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